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ABOUT Broad Records

Broad Records is a tailored production, mixing and mastering studio

We are often based in Melbourne Australia, but we work from LA and Tokyo for part of the year

We mostly work for those who can do their own pre-production and what some people would call 'bedroom" producers but we hate that term. We can also sometimes cater for recording with special projects

For Albums, EPs and Singles production, we work with electronic music producers, electro-pop, pop, dance and synth-wave artists 

For Mixing & Mastering we work with all those as well as punk artists 

Due to a tight schedule, all major production projects(Album/EP/Single) will require an application found on our production page


Broad Records works from an intersectional feminist lens and understand that sometimes the cost of production isn't accessible to all.

Each year a major production project scholarship is granted to a gifted artist 
If you're unable to afford to work with us we encourage you to fill out a contact form requesting we send you an application form.

The next scholarship will be announced in May 2021


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Starting out as a singer songwriter who embraced dance music in her teen years and later became a DJ

Toyah Hoetzel is an electro-pop, synth-wave, house producer and performing artist from Melbourne.

Heavily influenced by the early 2000s indie electro dance scene Toyah writes, produces, mixes & masters, and really thrives on the ‘do-it-all-yourself' flex with music creation describing herself as a midi warrior for your electric dreams.


After studying at School of Synthesis, The Australian Institute of Music and Australian College of the Arts(Collarts)

Toyah attributes much of her success to having been lucky enough to receive cherished production and songwriting mentoring from Charles 'The Song Doctor' Fisher.

In 2018 while studying at Collarts Toyah landed a life-changing role at Melbourne’s Studio Truth when the owners, needing a dance music producer, approached her after they were witness to a live performance. 

Toyah went on to work alongside and receive mentoring from the team there.

Toyah now runs her own studio Broad Records specialising in production for electronic artists making synth-wave, pop, electro, dance and punk records.

Looking to Toyah's multiple single releases, her lyrics are an emotional veil over throw-back electro beats and warm synth-heavy production. Her tracks can often feel like a blade runner soundtrack with an alt-pop edge and this will be even more evident with the release of her debut album in 2021.


You’ll see Toyah perform live sample sets with dancers The Uncut Diamonds or available for production work through

Broad Records & SoundBetter

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